Why Choose Boutique Flooring Companies Over Big Box Flooring Chains

By November 4, 2019 No Comments

When your home or space needs new flooring, the first that comes to mind may be the big box retail chains. They’re big and more well-known. 

However, that doesn’t mean that big box are your only options—nor that they should be. In your local area, there are probably many boutique flooring companies. And while they may not be as well- known, they do just as good quality of work (sometimes even better!)

Plus, there are actually quite a few unique benefits if you choose a more boutique-style flooring company. 

Here are our top benefits:


Boutique style flooring companies have the big advantage of being local. Meaning we are close to our customers and to our projects.

Our store is also local, so you are able to stop on by whether it be to ask any questions, get some new information, or even discuss your next flooring project with one of our team members. 

Being local also means we are able to be on the job, ensuring that everything is getting done correctly, on time, and to the high-level of expectation we set.


Most big box chains contract the actual flooring work off and only hears back once it’s done or should major problems arise. And they’re rarely on site unless something major is happening.

I don’t know about you . . . but that’s not a very comforting thought!

When you choose a boutique style flooring company, like Prestige, we are able to be hands-on throughout the whole process. It’s our crew installing your floors and it’s our team that will be on site throughout the entire duration of the installation. 

Our hands are on every flooring project because we know just how important quality is to all of us!

Personal Attention

We care about our customers. Each and every one of them. And most big box chain flooring companies probably do too. However, due to their size, they are not able to provide the kind of attention a boutique style could. 

With us, our size is an advantage in that we are able to offer personal attention to you, your home, and your flooring project!

Whether it’s spending a bit more time putting finishing touches on your floors or sitting down to discuss what is really best in your home, we give you the personal attention that you and your floors deserve.

Direct Contact

If any issue arises, we are on it! But should you want to contact your flooring company, with a boutique-style company you can. There is no being put on hold or being transferred to someone else’s number. 

With Prestige, when you call us, you get us. Directly. We are able to (and more importantly want to) be there for you throughout the whole process. When we say direct contact, we mean direct!

This is Our Niche

Because we are local, we know the area and what has been successful in the homes we’ve done. We don’t go across the country, or even across the state, taking on flooring projects. 

And we also don’t offer a dozen other services that are going to take up our time and energy.

Flooring in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is our niche, our expertise, and most importantly, our home!

Customization (flexibility)

Last, but not least, we are able to offer you customization on your flooring project. We don’t have set styles, floorings, or projects because we want your space to feel like your home—however that may look like for you!

This also means that we now have more flexibility on your project. 

While it may be tempting to go with the big box retail flooring company, there are a lot of unique advantages to choosing a boutique style flooring company. 

If you’re looking for one of those in the Dallas-Fort Worth, look no further than Prestige Floors. 

At Prestige Floors, we are a team of style enthusiasts, passionate about providing flooring solutions that meet your design dreams but also live up to real life. 

We are authentic and passionate about creating authentic experiences for every one of our customers throughout the whole flooring process. If you’re in need of new floors or floor installation, request an in-home estimate for your floors.