Which Materials Make for the Quietest Floors?

By December 2, 2019 No Comments

Can you relate to the following?

It’s finally the holiday break, your kids are excited for the holidays and you’re excited for them. But you’re also looking forward to sleeping in, enjoying down-time, and some much needed (and deserved) relaxation. 

But sometimes the excitement takes over, your kids wake up early, wanting to take full advantage of the full day ahead of them. Even if they don’t specifically come into your room and wake you up, their noise from across the house might still wake you up from your slumber.

And guess what? Your floors can have a lot to do with that!

The type(s) of flooring installed in your home can either amplify sounds or suppress them—and the difference is definitely observable!

While some floors may look amazing in your space, they aren’t always the quietest. Which isn’t a big deal . . . until you have young children, amped up on holiday excitement, parading around before the sun even comes up. Not that that’s a bad thing, but when you want a little more sleep, you might want to consider the flooring choices in your home.


Carpet is one of the easiest and most popular flooring options for a quiet home. Due to its sound-absorbing qualities, most types of carpet will provide sufficient sound-proofing qualities especially for upstairs, bedrooms, playrooms, living rooms, and basements. 

These sound absorbing features come from both carpet’s fibers and the mats that are installed underneath. Plus, as an added bonus, carpet is great for these spaces because it brings a comfortable and cozy feeling.

Cork or Vinyl Plank

If you can’t get away from the look of “hardwood floors” but still want an element of peace and quiet in your home, then cork or vinyl plank flooring may be an option. Both can help absorb sounds found in your home—whether it’s from walking across the floor or even just white noise—and provide a quieter space.

Both of these flooring materials come in various styles and options and look just like real wood, yet offers a very noticeable noise absorption quality!

Alternative Options

If you’re still attached to your beautiful hardwood or tile flooring (Hey, we don’t blame you!) but want a quieter home, consider some of these alternatives. 

  • Rugs and Runners: Utilizing area rugs or carpet runners can go a long way in helping dampen the noise in your home. 
  • “No Shoes” Policy: Implementing a “no shoes” policy in your home can reduce the noise in your home made from people walking or running across the floor—especially if your home is two stories. 
  • Padding or Underlayment: Another option, when possible, is to put down layers underneath your floor (underlayment) that will help pad the floor and cut back on noise caused from harder and louder flooring materials. 

We can’t do anything about the actual noise in your home . . . but we can do something about keeping your new floors the quietest that they can be!

At Prestige Floors, we are passionate about providing flooring solutions that met your design dreams and stand up to real life (like noise!). We are committed to creating an experience as beautiful as your new floors. We also want to provide you with extraordinary service, extraordinary quality, and extraordinary flooring options.

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