4 Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Remodeler

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So, you’re setting up to remodel your entire kitchen, and you’ve decided to hire a professional rather than try to do it yourself. We understand that remodeling these areas in your home can be a big task—there are so many things to consider and think about beforehand.

But there is no need to be overwhelmed!

With the right people and the right service, you can have confidence that you’ll be receiving great quality.

To help you find the right people and the right service, we’ve put together the right questions you should be asking someone before hiring them for remodeling. 

Here are 4 questions to ask your kitchen remodel company before hiring them:

1. What does the timeline look like?

This is an important question because remodeling puts a small inconvenience in your living when an entire room is out of use. So, you want the timeline of this project to be as short as possible while still long enough to get a quality job done. In other words, you don’t want them to be rushed but you also don’t want them to drag the remodel out.

So, whoever you decide to hire, you need to talk with them about the estimated timeline. This ensures that you both have realistic expectations, understand in what order process progresses, and follow things in a reasonable timeline (i.e. something should always be going on).

Simply asking the company or person what their projected timeline is will give you a good idea of what they’re thinking and how the typically work. Don’t be afraid to ask a few remodelers too and compare their answers. But also, don’t base your decision entirely on the timeline — you also want to be able to trust them!

The person that you hire is your point of contact for the entire project; therefore, they should be your professional and your problem solver throughout the process. Whoever you hire should also be the man of the ship, meaning they are taking control of moving the remodel along and taking responsibility of the situation. After all, you need to be able to rely on them to keep things moving and on track for your remodel. 

2. Do you use licensed electricians and plumbers?

You want the highest quality work in your home so wouldn’t you want the highest qualified people working on your remodel? It’s important to be able to trust the crew that is remodeling your kitchen—especially the plumbers and electricians. 

Making sure that the remodeling company uses licensed electricians and plumbers can help put your mind at ease during a remodel. The licensing shows that the crew is highly knowledgeable and qualified. It also can give you peace of mind that the people you hire will accomplish great quality work. 

3. Is it a truly custom experience?

Ask your remodeler if it is truly a customer experience. Will you get to touch, pick, and choose everything? The colors, the materials, the flooring. Everything!  

The company you hire should want your remodel to be truly custom, because they should want to create a space for you that is beautiful, makes you happy and fulfills its purpose.

And you know what that purpose is for you and your home! Yes, the person you hire will be the professional in the area of remodeling so make sure you work with them to find an experience that structurally and functionally works, but that also makes you happy with the new space you are receiving!

4. Are my cabinets coming out of a box?

Last, but not least, you should ask if your cabinets are coming out of a box. While this may seem like a weird question, the alternative to out of a box is being custom and handmade. 

Now, which would you rather have: premade cabinets out of a box or custom crafted cabinets?

While there’s nothing inherently with cabinets in a box, you could buy similar things at Ikea yourself. When you’re paying someone to remodel your kitchen, you want that hand-crafted quality for your home. 

However, don’t let the word “custom” scare you! Custom does not mean out of your price range or more expensive. It means more options, more flexibility, and the customization you are looking for for your home! You want to be able to feel and see the quality in your new space — plus you don’t want to be afraid to put too many dishes in and have the bottom fall out.

For us, customization means the substantial quality you want and deserve!

A kitchen remodel is a BIG investment so make sure you take the time to do your research and really talk with people before hiring them. 

When you’re picking someone, they don’t have to become your BFF that you invite to Christmas dinner, but they should be someone you can have a good, professional, working relationship with. 

So, what now?

Of course, every day there are new things that we learn as things change. That is why at Prestige Floors, we try to set realistic expectations and maintain open communication with you at all times. 

We believe that it is important to qualify who you are hiring (and vice versa) because you will be talking to each other every day and spending lots of time working in your most personal space — your home!

Last, but not least, we want you to have the best quality service that you can for your kitchen remodel. You deserve to receive a space that meets your design dreams but also live up to real life. While we are the flooring experts, we also extend our extraordinary quality, service, and passion to kitchen remodels too.

Feel free to ask us these 4 questions above and let us show you how we can serve you!